Picking up her mug of coffee, she reminisced the precious words of her mother, ” Del, never try to make life easy, because it is never going to be such..but always strive to make it worthwhile,because that is how you appreciate life”. Just as her mother had warned her on numerous occasions, her life was far from easy. She did not expect a bedside breakfast every morning, a driver to drive her to her office which was an hour away from home, or to be exempted from the many taxes she was obliged to pay as a responsible citizen. Love and a sense of having someone who cared was all she had yearned for.

      This very day, two years ago, she had lost it all. In the couple of minutes she took to latch the front door, she turned to see both her mother and her only brother in ashes and bits from the explosion. The two people who who had always made her believe life was worth living, who put a smile on her face in gloomy days and who meant the world to her were snatched away from here in mere seconds. She figured then, that playing fair wasn’t in the game of life. 

     It was not more than a day after the funeral that she was kicked out of their rented house, for the car to be repossessed, and for her to adapt to the fact that she was now left in this world with practically nothing and no one to call hers. With the remaining strength she had left within her, she picked herself up, and left the house she grew up in with nothing more than a duffel and the leftover sandwich she had kept for dinner today.

     That day marked the birth of the heartless, rough and numb Madeliene people knew of today. Give her pain to any extend and she would welcome it with a smirk on her face, never forgetting to throw a curse to the One Above. But why…. after two years of living life the way she was comfortable, dd she have to meet him!

     His tanned skinned was almost like that of her late brother. His eyes, as soft as her mothers and the way her addressed her the first time they had met. No one else besides the two dearest to her called her “Del”. It was never the same since the day the new CEO punched in her office two weeks ago. Past memories crowded her mind, she became emotional, letting her true colors out to those around her. What frustrated her the most was the aching desire she had within her to be loved and cared for. She hated this! She was loosing control over herself!

      Starring down at the sealed envelope and the small piece of paper that read the time and venue for today, she knew that these were going to decide her future. Her decision on whether to hand him the resignation letter she had prepared or to accept the date he had invited her for tonight, was going to determine which role she had to take up in the remaining days of her life. 

     Taking the last sip of her coffee, she set her mug down and stood up, gripping with determination, the two pieces of paper in either of her hands. She headed to her room, to get dressed and face the gamble life had to offer her this time. Fair deal or otherwise this time around, was up to her to decide….


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