..From Traditions to Superstitions…

It often beats us, the reasons why we carry out what we are introduced to as “traditions”. As an Asian, believe me when I say, if traditions were cash, we Asians would be conquerors of the richest in the world.  At least, leaving no space for intruders in the ranks of the first hundred.

Be it from not being allowed to sweep the house on festivals to cutting fingernails at night, the essence of a tradition is when one understands why he does what he does. Otherwise, it becomes what it has in fact become in some Asian countries today. A superstition. Tradition becomes something one practices in the fear that luck or circumstances would take a chance against them, thus causing them harm. In the same fear, we instill such negativity into the naive minds of our children, grandchildren and so on.

This becomes a disgrace to what we proudly look up to as “traditions” as it is not much of an issue if one forgets a tradition but definitely idolatry to practice such tradition while the meaning of it is forgotten.

The question mark that lies here is…. Is what you practice today a Tradition or a Superstition?






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