It all seemed pretty good that day. He woke up with a smile, the microwave took lesser than 10 minutes to on this time and  just when he thought he ran out of sugar, he found another sachet of sugar taken from the hotel he visited last summer. Settling down with a coffee and the leftover pizza from last night, he lazily browsed through his phone. No annoying texts from his ex who definitely finds it harder to move on, no emergency meeting at the office and in a nutshell, nothing to take away the smile plastered on his pretty face since he woke up!

Humming a tune to himself, he continued his breakfast, technically his brunch since it was ticking 2 in the afternoon. Loosing himself to thoughts, a frown overcame his sweet smile. It seemed different. It felt different. Yeah, everything was exactly how he prayed it would be last night. No meetings, no microwave problems, no texts from Lara but…. he wasn’t in peace either.

Something troubled him. Brushing it off as mere negativity, he mentally drew up a plan to hit the gym this evening after which he could possibly take the new gym member out for dinner. If she was there and din’t mind, that is. On another thought, if she wasn’t there, he had got her number last week and for the problem of her minding it, he could coax her to it. He was born with a mouth sweeter than dessert anyway. With a wide grin, he picked up his mug and sipped his coffee.

It was then that his phone rang. Picking it up, he greeted that unknown person on the other side after which he assured the caller of his full name. Not knowing how to react to what came next, he just stared at the grey walls ahead of him as his phone slipped of his hands. He knew something was wrong or at least was wrong two hours ago when the car crashed, leaving him nothing but an orphan in his mid twenties.

What could he say to intuition? B.I.N.G.O?


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