“Pink?”,She asked herself. “Wait! Or was it red?”. As she stared, confused at the huge wardrobe in front of her. Yes, indeed it was big yet there was insufficient space in it for her new dress to fit in! Argghhhh! But that wasn’t exactly the problem now, she mentally reprimanded herself. She couldn’t remember the color the group had decided upon after classes yesterday.

Yes, she belonged to a “group”. One that she could not remember how she got into despite her many attempts to recall that God forsaken moment. Realizing that the clock was ticking she hurriedly grabbed the red dress in front of her and pull it over her head in annoyance. “To hell with the colors”, she muttered to herself as she put on a little mascara and lip gloss, then heading out of her room. On her drive to college she prepared herself for the nonsense that she was about to face if at all the color for the day was pink. She rolled her eyes at the thought.

She admit, they were the closest person to her after family.  They stood by her when she needed them most and made her laugh when others offered her tears. was just too much these days. She couldn’t accept it, hence being the reason for most of the arguments they shared these days, most of which she gave in to because anyway it was going to be a 3 against 1 scenario.

She hated the way they had to meet up at that “meeting point” after every subject, wear the same damn color for classes everyday, have lunch with the same bunch and worst of all, share every detail of their lives with each other. She needed space despite the attachment they shared, wanted to be open to making new friends and would definitely prefer keeping some details and incidents to herself instead of sharing it with anyone at all! At the same time she knew she needed them and telling them all of the above would only cause them to exclude her from totally anything and everything they shared.

Spotting the three figures in pink ahead, she knew she had arrived and she also knew that she had worn the wrong color. She gave her parents a lazy peck on their cheeks and took even lazier steps towards the entrance. ” NAT!!! WE AGREED ON PINK!”, Amanda cried out between gritted teeth as soon as I approached. ” I think I brought my pink cardigan today, maybe you can just wear that over the dress alright?” Jackie said as she fumbled into her bag that contained more clothes than books.

“No Jackie, but thank you..seriously.Guys, remember how I always mentioned that I needed my space but I still love all of you to bits? Yeah, this is what I meant.I want to be able to at least dress up for myself to college everyday. At least I wore red. It’s in the family of pink anyways, ” I blurted out. The surprised look on each of their faces was all I watched before I headed in for my class.

Walking down the hallway, a smile lighted my face. It felt good. It definitely felt good. The feeling of being able to express myself without feeling obliged to just follow felt extremely good. Despite not being able to understand my self-created concept of red being in the “family” of pink and knowing that I would bear the consequence of my words later, I was pleased with myself. Today was going to roll according to MY beat!


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