Let’s just say I am the main character in my own fairy tale. I have my aspirations, fantasies, goals, enemies, likes, dislikes and most of all, the desire to have that one perfect kiss…one that is to be the beginning of my happily ever after.

But while everyone else with the same kind of dream would tend to seek  for the one, I await him with the expectations that he will come, seeking me at the right time, on the right day, with the perfect entrance, just as he always does on various other accounts. He would come, I believe, possessing all I have ever wanted in a man, to my eyes,blinded by anticipation.

Then, with that in mind, the day arrives. The one I have waited for comes, with an entrance not as grand but unexpectedly mind blowing. An encounter that brought about the beautiful sides of both worlds, his and mine. Unending assurances of friendship, caring for one another, jokes , sweetness, laughter and a tint of flirtatiousness that were the roots of a tree that neither of us knew would be good or bad.

While the amazing new sensations makes me look forward to every new day with a smile at the rarest moments, reality had always had its way of creeping in with questions that makes my smile quiver a little. ” There’s much more to my life than what I portray. What if he isn’t able to accept that?” or ” Is he being sincere or is he just fooling with me as I don’t know him for long either”, and so on..

And so, back to reality, I wonder with him in mind, ” hey, was it you I awaited for?”. While my metaphoric mind grasps the idea that only experience would be able to provide me that answer, my yearning heart can’t help but to expect some sort of assurance that it is the path meant for me..





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