Just Not Like You…

    I knew I needed help. The food served in front of me was exactly what I craved for about three days now and all I had to do was to stab my fork into that piece of meat and put it into my mouth. However, I was well assured that the scrumptious piece of meat would fall onto the floor even before it entered my mouth. For once, I wanted to do it on my own without troubling anyone but I knew I couldn’t. Continue reading “Just Not Like You…”


Prompt : Construct. It usually begins now. At this time of the year, when our mind floods us with ideas, thoughts and even suggestions of how to begin 2017. A word from the grocer at the grocery store or the reply of a person speaking on their phone nearby instinctively gears up a thought in our mind on how next year should be unlike this year. Little by little, these thoughts accumulate hence bringing about what we know as an outline of how we would want our coming year to be. Some may call it resolutions but I personally believe that resolutions are overrated. They gear you up with the highest motivation and later leaves you to fulfill it if you have the right attitude for it. On the other hand, these thoughts i speak of here are more towards those mind provoking, peace disrupting plans that rings about in your head until you recognize and analyze it. It may seem a little stressful or hectic with the bundles of workload that bombards us at the year ends but if we take a little time, at our own pace, to think of these thoughts we will come to realize that we are all builders of our own lives. These thoughts provide us with the basic foundation for us to construct the future ahead of us according to our humanly plans. The difference between one who appreciates these little thoughts and those who do not are basically one who takes time to think of it, would have a clearer picture on how and where to lay his bricks in the process of building his life. As of today, let us put on our construction helmets and consider these explicit thoughts that may come our way in our journey towards the upcoming 2017! Continue reading ..PERIOD OF RECONSTRUCTION..