The Night That Unleashed

That night we went to our favorite bar to celebrate Ken’s promotion at work. I was so happy for him and promised him that he should drink all he wants and I would ensure he was safely home once we were done. THAT was probably my biggest mistake..or maybe the best thing that could have happened. Continue reading The Night That Unleashed


The Night That Unleashed

I got off my cab after shoving 20 bucks into the driver’s hands. I stood feet planted to the ground as I rubbed my sweaty palms onto my trench coat as I reconsidered my decision although I felt determined when I stepped into my flight back to hometown yesterday. Cops walked in and out. Some looking worn out after their long shifts, some walking in with bored faces while a handful were cheerful to enter their office on a Tuesday morning. Continue reading The Night That Unleashed

Just Not Like You…

    I knew I needed help. The food served in front of me was exactly what I craved for about three days now and all I had to do was to stab my fork into that piece of meat and put it into my mouth. However, I was well assured that the scrumptious piece of meat would fall onto the floor even before it entered my mouth. For once, I wanted to do it on my own without troubling anyone but I knew I couldn’t. Continue reading “Just Not Like You…”


via Daily Prompt: Echo Taking a few steps to the front he paused as his father’s shaky voice echoed in his ears. “Let every step you take in life lead you only where you are meant to be”, was what the bubbly old man told him every time he encountered a fearful situation. Smiling to himself, he walked up, more determined than before, knowing exactly what to say to the man whose daughter his heart yearned to own as his own. Continue reading THE ECHO THAT URGED THE MOVE..